New Shifter Box Shifter Cables Knob Trans Bracket Firewall Cable Grommet Shifter Base Plate Whole Set For RSX K-Swap K20 K24

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For K20 K24 K Swap EG EK K-Series Civic Crx
Vehicle compatibility charts are for REFERENCE ONLY.   Check product type and size to match your needs.

Super strong and stretch resistant replacement for the weaker OEM RSX Type-S cables.
Overall length is the same as OEM.
Compatible with all OEM and most shifter boxes on the market today.
More flexible than OEM cables.
Made almost entirely of high strength steel, the outer cable is constructed with a low friction Teflon coated inner liner and a heat resistant polyethylene outer covering.
Cable mounting ends are made of high strength steel and were designed with a threaded section to eliminate the need for the oem cable clips.
Compatible with OEM clips (if desired.)
Fully adjustable rod end connections at all four ends.
Gear selector with a billet rod end, with added a spherical Delrin insert to allow proper movement.

- Perfect accessory for our Billet RSX Shifter Box
- 1 year replacement warranty.
- Stronger and more flexible
- Steel finish looks great and will last longer than OEM cables.
- No need for oem clips with easy to install threaded cable mounting ends
- Low friction teflon coated inner liner, stainless steel inner cable
- Heat resistant polyethylene outer covering

Installation Steps:
Install Shifter Base Plate & Base:
1.   Anchor front 2 points to install shifter base plate.
2.   Drill 2 holes and clean up.
3.   Apply glue and install base plate.
4.   Install gear base by bolting 4 points with spacers.
5.   Install 2 shifter cables to base.   Tighten corresponding 2 screws.
6.   Install the gear lockout according to your actual needs and done.

Install Shifter Cables & Trans Bracket:
1.   Take console and shifter box out.  Loosen 2 pins, 1 metal pin and 1 twisting clip of shifter cables.
2.   Push down rubber cover where cables run into.   Keep pins and rubber.
3.   Open hood, loosen cotter pins and metal pin on the end of shifter cables.
4.   Pushing inside the car, pull cables out of engine bay.   Install new trans bracket.   One side need spacer.
5.   Install new shifter cables on trans bracket.
6.   Connect shifter cables to shifter seat.

Package Included:
1x Shifter Lever;
1x Shifter Knob;
1x Shifter Gear Base;
2x Shifter Cable;
1x Transmission Bracket;
1x Shifter Base Plate.
1x Shifter Cable Grommet

1. We provide clear pictures,measurements where possible. Please check as much as possible to make sure the item is the one that you need.
2.Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
3.The color of the actual items may slightly different from the listing images due to different computer screen,thanks for your understanding.
4.We don't compensate for the damage caused by improper installation,thank for your understanding.


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