Aluminum Auto Parts Performance Master Cylinder Brace for 2008-2014 Subaru STi LHD

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For Left Hand Drive model only

2008-2014 Subaru STI only 

The Master Cylinder Brace locks down the master cylinder preventing unwanted movement due to a weak firewall. Allowing the driver to regain maximum braking force and increased pedal stiffness. 

Reduce Flex 
The thin sheet metal firewall isn't able to deal with the constant forces from repeatedly applying the brakes in all conditions. Over time it begins to flex and give as the brake pedal is depressed. The Master Cylinder Brace creates a bridge between the firewall, master cylinder and shock tower, eliminating flex in the firewall while braking.

Stiffen Up Your Brake Pedal Feel
The Master Cylinder Brace eliminates the flex at the firewall, so you feel nothing but solid pedal feedback with every application of the brakes. Even slowing for a stop sign, the difference can immediately be felt after installation of the Master Cylinder Brace.

The Master Cylinder Brace is constructed of CNC Machined 6061 aluminum, and CNC formed Steel. This combination of different materials are used to add extra support compared to other systems. Making this from two CNC parts instead of a series of welded steel pieces, keeps the part extremely stiff as well as very light.


We constructed this part to bolt to three different surfaces around your shock tower. One surface runs parallel to the master cylinder, one perpendicular and another perpendicular but on a different plane. Triangulating the mounting points reduces flex even further than single plane designs. 

Package Including:
A Set Master Cylinder Brace


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