Manual Timing Tensioner for Honda Prelude V2 1993-2001 H22 H23 H-Series Engines

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Fit for Honda Prelude 1993-2001
--- For 1993-1996  Honda Prelude 2.2L DOHC L4 16V VTEC, Engine Code "H22A1"
--- For 1997-2001 Honda Prelude 2.2L DOHC L4 16V VTEC, Engine Code "H22A4"
for Vehicles with H-Series Engines (H22A, H22A1, H22A4, JDM H23A VTEC)

The stock H22 automatic Tensioner (also called a hydro tensioner )is known for premature failure, causing bent valves at the least.Our H22 Timing Tensioner fixes that problem and eliminates the need for an H23 manual tensioner conversion.Simply remove two bolts and install our billet H22 Timing Tensioner.

Step 1: Install tensioner
Our tensioner was bolted where it was from the old factory, the tensioner was bolted to the block, the adjuster was lowered all the way down and slotted into the rest of the timing assembly.

Step 2: Insert Belt and Adjust Tension
All timing marks are arranged in the cam and crank side, slowly tighten the manual adjuster to tension the belt while observing the timing marks. Do not over tighten the belt.

Step 3: Tighten Lock Nut
Push the adjuster onto the timing belt bearing arm until it just touches the top of the adjusting nut. Turn the nut on the manual tensioner until there is a defect of approximately 1/4 "inch on both sides of the belt. Turn the crank by hand to ensure that all timing marks are still aligned.

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