2L Aluminum High Flow Swirl Fuel Surge Pot Tank AN6 for 044 External Fuel Pump

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Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color: Black
Capacity: 2L
Fittings: AN6
Length: 149mm
Width : 149m
Height : 149mm
O-ringe Diameter: 60mm

1) This 2L brand new aluminum fuel surge tank for use with single fuel pumps.
2) Easier to install than typical dual hanger in-tank setups and more versatile in the long term.
3) Eliminates the risk of fuel starvation from fuel sloshing around in a minimally or un-baffled tank.
4) Fuel pumps are constantly submerged in fuel leading to quieter operation and longer life for the fuel pump.
5) Simple straight forward install, no welding, no sumping, no mounting fuel lines and pumps underneath the car.
6) Eliminates the need for long lengths of braided line from the front to back of the car. You should be able to install this fuel tank in the engine bay and use less than 8'' of fuel line in most applications.
7) Our surge tanks are anodized for protection against more corrosive fuels. (E85 and Methanol Ready)
8) Perfect for installs where a plastic tank exists from the factory and there is no option to sump.

1 x Fuel Surge Tank
3 x AN6 Fittings
All accessories on the picture are included
No Instruction Included

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