Racing Brake Bias Proportioning Valve Adjustable Prop Brake Bias Adjuster with 7 Settings Lever Type:cp3550-13

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Condition:100% Brand new
Inlet/Outlet ports:M10 x 1.0mm
Nominal Ratio:0.325
Weight:180g approx

--Racing screw type brake bias valve.
--These valves have been specially designed for use in competition vehicles where it is desired to reduce the hydraulic line pressure and therefore braking effort of the rear brakes to compensate for the varying surface conditions, tyre choices and vehicle set up.
--The lever type valve provides the driver or the co-driver with 7 distinct settings, with maximum adjustment giving an output pressure reduced to approximately a third of original input pressure.
--Strictly for competition use only.

-- This proportioning valve is suitable for use with any brake fluid that conforms to DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 standards,
-- but best all round performance will be achieved with Racing 600 brake fluid.
--Due to internal adjustments set by Racing, do not strip assembly and do not attempt any modification of the valves.
--Strictly for competition use only.

Fit for most motorsport vehicles as required

1 x Brake Bias Proportioning Valve Kit
(All accessories in the picture are included.)

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