22 in 1 64 Color RGB Symphony Car Atmosphere Interior LED Acrylic Guide Fiber Optic Universal Decoration Ambient Speaker Lights

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-Voltage: 5v- 12v (All car maker)

-Breathe Mode

-Gradient Mode

-Cycle Mode

-Strobe Mode

-Music rhythm Mode

-Flow Mode

-Running water Mode

-Mobile phone APP control

Operation Method

Free switch between two modes:

(1)Double button mode

(2)Bluetooth connection to mobile phone APP control

The Light mode

1) Active sound effects: The LED under the car's brightness system is equipped with sound sensors that allow the LED lights synchronized with musical rhythm. The LED light music strip follows the rhythm and adjusts the flicker to adapt to the strength of the sound.

2) musical decoration. The Kit designed to be simple, however, also provides elegance inside the car when driving at night or enjoying music. And because it has sound sensor, the car low brightness system is synchronized with the rhythm of the music.

3) Sleep mode - Led light will have sleep mode. This mode can automatically change the dark brightness to provide a good atmosphere of sleep.

4) Brightness Color temperature adjustment: The LED is equipped with the brightness color temperature adjustment mode. When you feel that the light is dark, you can use this mode to change the brightness.

Package include

1) Products include 1* main controller module and 4 * sub-controller modules

- Item Type : 22 in 1 ( 6 * LED strip(75cm*4+ 35cm*1+110cm*1 + 4 * Footlight + 4 * Door bowl lights + 4 * Storage lights + 4* speaker light )


Download the application by the QR code on the main control box first, control light mode via Bluetooth connection. This product include 1 main control box ,4 sub control box. Each controller has a power cable, the main controller is connected to a 5-12V power supply, and the sub controller also needs to be connected to a 5- 12v power supply such as a door power supply. Each controller has 4 connection ports, and users can DIY the position of each light by themselves. Not diffcult to install our product.

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