Left + Right Power Running Board Motors 80mm Axle, 40mm Groove for Jeep Wrangler

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Fit for some Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

This motor pedal is fits for vehicles with an axle length of 80 mm and a groove width of 40 mm.


Power running board motor powers the automatic steps on certain trucks and SUVs. The Running Board Motor restores proper operation to a vehicle's power running board.

The power running board motor typically fails one of two ways: at the hinges or because of a faulty motor that causes the step to become stuck. Whether the failure is along the hinges or due to the motor, this Power Running Board Motors has you covered.


--- This package includes a pair of pedal motors , fit for the left side and the right side.

--- Electric pedal motors power the automatic pedals of certain trucks and SUVs. The pedal motor can restore the normal operation of the vehicle power pedal. With the passage of time, the pedal cannot be dropped and stowed normally. This is a normal phenomenon. You can solve this problem by replacing the electric pedal motor.

--- As long as the mounting bracket of your running board can be stuck in the groove of the motor, this motor could be workful. Please check the length of your replace part to determine if this part is compatible with your vehicle.

--- The power running board motor usually has one of two failures: at the hinge or due to a faulty motor causing the pedal to jam. Our pedal motors match the assembly and function of the original equipment motors. And has undergone extensive material and cycle testing to ensure durability and performance.

--- The part has NO hinge bracket, just a running board motor as the pictures show.

--- High quality power running board motor is designed compacted and easy for assembly. It provides convenient service while getting on and off the vehicles.


(1) Disconnect the motor loom plug.

(2) Undo the four nuts and two bolts holding the two brackets.

(3) Remove the running board from the vehicle.

(4) Remove the plastic end shield.

(5) Remove the motor end cover - screws. Take care not to lose any shims.

(6) Spin the armature until it stops. Then you can see the wedge bolt.

(7) Remove the wedge bolt.

(8) Knock out aluminium wedge from the back.

(9) Note the orientation of the wedge, for re-assembly. Also note the position of the boards.

(10) Stand on the board and work the hinges back and forth, whilst liberally spaying all moving parts with penetrating lubricant, until moving freely.

(11) If step 10 improves the operation of the hinges, possibly your motor is OK, and you can re-assemble your board and re-test.

Otherwise, you need to replace the motor.

(12) Re-assembly is simply the above procedure in reverse. Ensure that the running board is in the same position as when you started.

Otherwise you may end up with the boards working in reverse - i.e. retracting instead of deploying, and deploying instead of retracting.

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