6in1 Ignition Switch Panel Engine Start Push Button Toggle LED 12V Carbon Fiber

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--- Material: Aluminum Alloy & Plastic
--- Current: 20A

--- Voltage: 12V 
--- Contact Resistance: 50m ohm Max.
--- Operation Temperature: -20 to 85 degree Celsius
--- Universal for 12V vehicles.
--- Red engine start button with 4+1 toggle switch for additional use.
--- This ignition switch is likely to controls the ignition of the car, reduces the impedance of the power supply, and improves the ignition efficiency.
--- LED one-button start switch, conveninent to use.
--- Toggles with cap to avoid mistakenly touching.
--- Built in indicate light in ON/OFF switch and start button.

--- Material: Plastic
--- NO 40A 14VDC
--- NC 30A 14VDC
--- Max. Switching Current: 40A
--- Max. Switching Voltage: 30VDC
--- Max. Switching Power: 560W
--- Could fit for automotive setups, car sound systems, security systems, etc.

1 x Switch Panel
1 x Relay
1 x Wire Harness

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